Webcast Reminder
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Thanks for registering for Garage4hacker's Ranchoddas Series. Below are details for the online presentation.

Speaker: Gynvael Coldwind - Google Security Engineer and Dragon Sector Team Captain.
Date: Monday, March 17, 2014
Time (Switzerland/EU aka UTC+01:00 aka CET aka GMT +1:00): 18:00
Time (IST aka GMT +5:30): 22:30
Time (other places): http://www.timeanddate.com/worldcloc...=20140317T1700
Duration: TBD, but something between 45-60 minutes + time for questions

Audio & Video:
The audio & Video for this presentation will be streamed to your computer through Youtube Live Streaming. We will be sending out the video link via e-mail, once we have it - probably just before the webcast; we'll also post that link on G4H forum/facebook/twitter + probably around here. We suggest to use good internet connection to avoid video lags and setup good audio device to hear voice without noise.

If you didn't registered to event, you can register by using following form

*If you have not used Youtube Live Stream before, then do not worry it is similar as watching videos on the Youtube. If you require technical assistance with webcast , please contact abhaythehero@garage4hackers.com

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